Dima FATUM is an Ukrainian street artist. He is an activist in street art and the experimenter from Kiev (Ukraine).

Founder parody brand "OBED”.

His works are characterized by a unique experiments with different artistic styles and genres. Basically it is: surrealism and the "double" images (optical illusions). Also he is the propagandist of post-graffiti and abstract graffiti styles.


He began his creative career in 2000. Like most other authors of graffiti FATUM began from: “Wild Style” and night adventures together with his friends from “FAT315” crew.

Dmytryi (real name of FATUM) finished art school.


Having practiced his art on the street for ten years, he began to exhibit his works in the galleries. Presents his works are exhibited in Pinchuk Art Centre, Lavra Gallery, “Casus Pacis” project in in “Museum of street art” in Saint-Petersburg, and also many others of them are in his CV.

Certainly, Dmitry's practice of street art is nor inferior to his institutional activities. Over time, his works in urban space are gradually becoming “legalized” and mowed to the territory of muralism and municipal aesthetic vision.

Main education: T.H. Shevchenko State Art School. Major — easel painting.

Additional education: Urban Studio Summer School (Vilnius, Milhauz Institute).



Projects and festivals:



2016 JSTART street art project / 4 largest cities of Ukraine

2016 Art United Us / Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 IBUg festival / Saxony, Germany

2016 Don't take fake / Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 DEC Art residency / Carpathians, Ukraine

2015 Murs Lliures / Barcelona, Spain

2015 Kyiv City Art / Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 Dynamic Urban Culture Kyiv / Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 GOGOLFEST / Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 Tom Soyer Fest / smART village Bobritsya

2015 Don't take fake / Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 Cupates canvas cooler / Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 DIYstvo / Garage squat, Kyiv, Ukraine

2012 I LOVE KYIV / Kyiv, Ukraine

2012 GOGOLFEST / Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 Art-Vegas / Moscow, Russia

2011 DIYstvo / Lavra gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2009 I LOVE KYIV / Kyiv, Ukraine



Group exhibitions:


2016 A4 ballpoint / Karas Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 Tomorrow / Kiev History Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

2014 Casus Pacis / Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012 Matura / Lavra gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2010 Everyone needs stencil / East Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2010 You + I / Pinchuk art center, Kyiv, Ukraine



Solo exhibitions:


2013 Through the eyes of inhabitants / Garage squat, Kyiv

2010 Fried kittens / Norma gallery, Odessa, Ukraine






Private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Britain.